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    BEIJING, Sep. 12, 2017 – The capital of China will host three days of world-class international show jumping next month when the 7th LONGINES Equestrian Beijing Masters takes place at the iconic Birds Nest Stadium from October 13 - 15.

    LONGINES Equestrian Beijing Masters, which is CSI3* of FEI and also one of the grandest international equestrian events in China, has been hosted for seven years by Dashing Equestrian, and jointly organized by Chinese Equestrian Association, the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest), world top equestrian operation team ART, the Marketing Company of the CHIO Aachen and top rider Ludger Beerbaum. Longines will act as the title sponsor and official timekeeper of the event, while BMW will also be the diamond partner and mobility partner.
    Announcing details at a press conference at Longines World Equestrian Academy – home of the Dashing Stable – organizers said a record field of 170 pairs of horses and riders including Ludger Beerbaum, Christian Ahlmann, Henrik von Eckermann, Sergio Moya, Roger-Yves Bost, Marcus Ehning, Tiffany Foster, Lauren Hough, Jane Richard Philips and Jeroen Dubbeldam will join into the competition, promising the biggest and most spectacular event of its kind since the inaugural event in 2011. This year will feature competition as Longines Grand Prix (150cm), BMW Elite Class (130-135cm) , Team Championship ( 120-125cm), Dashing Challenge(100-110cm), and Jump and Drive Contest .
    “This is definitely equestrian sport of the highest international standard and we can expect great competition and renewed rivalry from the world’s top riders,” said Beerbaum, who is also Chairman of Longines World Equestrian Academy.
    Also attending the Press Conference were Mr. Zhang Kai, Vice-Director of Modern Pentathlon and Equestrian Training at the General Administration of Sport, Mr. Dennis Li, Vice-President of Longines China, Mr. Olaf Kastner, President & CEO of BMW Group China, Mr. Yao Ge, Chairman of the Beijing Equestrian Association, Mr. Michael Mronz and Ms. Li Jing, Executive Vice President and President of Dashing Equestrian, and top Chinese rider Liang Ruiji, winner of four gold medals at the last National Games in Tianjin.
    “Events like this create opportunities for us to compete with top international riders and at the same time helps China’s equestrian competitors become more professional. I can’t wait to get back to the Bird’s Nest to meet old friends and I thank all the organizers for hosting this event.” Chinese rider Liang, winner of one individual and three team gold medals at the most recent national games, said he was looking forward to an exciting competition.
    The iconic Birds Nest Stadium, first made famous in the 2008 Beijing Olympic games, will be transformed into another spectacular and magical stage to showcase man’s historically close relationship with the noble horses. The symbolic night opening ceremony and the show-jumping competition as well as the yearly fresh on-scene experience activities has made it the yearly high-profile fashion party and high-end social platform.
    There will also be many stalls and promotions highlighting the relationship between man and horses for spectators to enjoy and learn about the motif of “elegance” in the equine world. With just 10 meters separating the crowd from competitors, spectators will feel the beat of the horses hooves reverberating through their seats. Staged in the evening, the unique competition promises a wonderful atmosphere combining sound, light, shadow and horsemanship for an unforgettable experience.
    Explaining the overall theme of the competition, Michal Mronz, Executive Vice President of Dashing, said: “For the first time, the Longines Masters and its sponsors will provide multi-platform projects, which is call ‘Equine Park’, together with famous brands and showcase activities that provide a rich equestrian experiences for the audience.”
    Spectators can indulge in rich food and wine and witness unique events such as an equestrian fashion show, take part in family activities and relax in an equine atmosphere removed from the hustle and bustle of city life. Everything is set up to highlight the relationship between man and horse, and the elegance associated with that historic bond.
    Horse riding in China has gone from strength-to-strength in recent years with the LONGINES Equestrian Beijing Masters at the forefront of the sport’s development. Li Jing, President of Dashing Equestrian, said an ultimate goal was to prepare China’s riders for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. “This is the most-mentioned topic and wish by all who care about the development of Chinese equestrian sport,” she said.
    To this end, participants at the press conference poured sand from the stadium prepared for the previous six events into a giant timer to countdown to the staging of the latest chapter of this magnificent event.


    LONGINES Equestrian Beijing Masters
    LONGINES Equestrian Beijing Masters, which is CSI3* of FEI and also the grandest international equestrian sport in China, has been hosted for 7 years by Dashing Equestrian, and jointly organized by Chinese Equestrian Association, the National Stadium (Brid’s Nest), world top equestrian operation team Aachener reitturnier GmbH and German top rider Ludger Beerbaum. In 2012, the Longines launched the attack of LONGINES Equestrian Beijing Masters and strove to build it as an equestrian competition of world class with Chinese and international riders, which is also a platform gathering the high-end and elegant lifestyles. The symbolic night opening ceremony and the show-jumping competition as well as the yearly fresh on-scene experience activities has made it the yearly high-profile fashion party and high-end social platform.


    Dashing Equestrian
    Founded in 2010, Beijing Dashing Equestrian Co., Ltd successfully launched “the very first international equestrian competition in China” at National Stadium together with Mr. Ludger Beerbaum, the “Father of the German Equestrian Sport” in 2011; in collaboration with the ART the Marketing Company of the CHIO Aachen, Dashing Equestrian started the internationalization of the Beijing Masters in 2012, when Swiss watch brand Longines became the title partner and official timekeeper and the LONGINES Equestrian Beijing Masters will be held at Brid’s Nest at least till 2020. Today, Dashing Equestrian has integrated its superior resources along the equestrian industry both domestically and internationally, including Longines Equestrian Beijing Masters, Longines World Equestrian Academy, Dashing Stable and Cheval. 


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