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    Im a 17 yo showjumper. I have been riding since i was 2 years old. I have looked up to Ludger Beerbaum for so long. I think he is such an inspiration and make me want to achieve my goals and to look forward. It would be an honor to ride with him. I have 2 horses and hoping to get a new one in January 2018. I have an 8 yo stallion who has really shown the world that is out there. He helps and takes me round these courses and I couldn’t ask for more. I did my first 1.40m GP with him and couldn’t be happier. I have another 11 yo that i bought for the 1.30-1.35 speed classes. He jumps his heart out and loves to win and compete and always try’s his best. I’m hoping to get a new 4 yo to have a young one to learn to bring up and jump the young horses.


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