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    Hi, my name is Reka and I am an 18 year old horse enthusiast.
    Unlike most of the other applicants, unfortunately I can't tell you about my incredible international results and all the medals that I have won because, sadly, I have never had the right horse to achieve those types of victories.
    However, what I gained during my 15 years of riding experience is a relentless work ethic, a love and care for the horses who are our partners in this sport and I learnt to keep up my competitive spirit even when things are not going to plan. In order to improve, I ride a wide variety of horses and never turn down a chance to have an extra ride.. even when I have already ridden 3 horses after school. I work multiple jobs to afford my sport and I was lucky enough to get to groom for and train with Claudia Verburgt and Wout Vlemmix this summer, which has really allowed me to learn what it is to be a top show jumper. I have also been riding for a dealing stable, who have now decided to invest in buying horses for me to train and compete, which is super exciting! I think the ambition I have due to never having a top horse will help me to achieve my goals.
    I own an 8 year old mare who I have successfully competed up to 1 meter and jumped confidently around a a course of 1.20m jumps in training, until she suddenly got injured at the end of summer... It was a huge disappointment because I thought she was the horse who would allow me to enter the world of FEI competitions in 2018, but I decided to persevere. After three months of hand walking my (very stressed out) horse who hated not being able to run, the vet has finally given us the all clear to bring her back into work! While she isn't FEI ready, I am thrilled to be entering 2018 with a sound horse who I have huge hopes for!
    Winning the place for the summer camp with Ludger Beerbaum would be such an incredible opportunity for me and my horse, as by that time we will hopefully be jumping the 1.10m classes, getting ready to progress up to 1.20m. I am confident that taking Lufger's knowledgeable advice will set us on the right path and will allow me to pursue the dreams I have been working so hard for during all these years.


    January 12, 2018 - 23:29
    You deserve this so much!

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