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    Why me?
    Hmm .. good question I'm an ambitious riding girl (23 yrs.) - I got my horse 5 years ago (unintentionally), 1 year I didn't take it until my mama said: TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT!
    Then I started more or less with the dressage, until I got to a point by wanting more:
    Since january 2017 I now jump with my coach at another stable in Essen, go every week with my horse and dad and jump , Fall, laugh and cry.
    On my 11 yrs. Gelding is always abandoned - Coolman remains cool.
    The most beautiful saying that I have heard and what has made me to apply for LK 5 and to jump further and higher was the following:
    Ball in the goal - lost
    Tennis ball over the line - lost
    Good horse, but bad distance - Placed!
    I am thrilled to come further and learn more! So - HERE I AM!


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