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    Dear LWEA-Team,
    I would love to take part at the LWEA Summer-Camp with my 12 year old mare "Clair" (v. Coleur-Rubin). I started riding as a child but I couldn't effort to have my own horse till I started working at the age of 25. Until then I always rode ponies and horses for other people and helped around the barn to get lessons. I just competed in the 1,20 m but after having my own horse I moved up to the 1,40 m in only one year. Now I am 27 and this year my biggest achievements were a second Place in the 1,45 m and my first 1,40 m win. My goals for the upcoming season are to move up to the 1,50 m, ride more rhythmical rounds and becoming more confident in the technical challenges of big courses. I am also planning to compete in some smaller international classes for the first time. Even if I am just an amateur rider who has to go to work everyday I am very ambitious and hard working. Always trying to seek every advice I can get to improve my riding skills and my horse management. This is why I would love to get the oppertunity to train at the LWEA Summer-Camp. :-)


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